Low Carb Breakfast Cereal

Learn about all the great options there are for low carb breakfasts! There are hot and cold cereals as well as your traditional egg dishes. Then there are even pancakes and muffins. Yes, these are all low carb dishes!

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Buying Low Carb Breakfast Foods

It’s amazing these days what foods are available in the stores.  With so many diets around, it makes dieting almost easy.  Take for example, the low carb diet, which is typically exemplified by the Atkins diet.  There are chocolate bars devoted to the diet and even low carb breakfast cereal!

Gone are the days when you had to cook food for yourself.  You can eat what you want when you want by either ordering from a restaurant or by buying it in the grocery store.  Dieting has transformed over the years!

However, buying ready made products is just general not as great for you still.  You have to be careful and ready the nutritional information about the food.  This is especially the case with low carb breakfast foods.  Many low carb foods may not be low in carbs, but just lower. Low carb bread is one just example.  The bread is lower in carbs than other traditional breads, but it still contains some carbs and if eaten in large amounts, it can still hamper your weight loss regime.  Even more importantly is the fact that low carb breads are not grain free.  They are often made from wheat still or other types of grains that are just as bad for you!

If you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle then you need to make sure even what you buy in the store correctly fits your diet.  To this end, one of the main problems is making sure that the ingredients in those foods are of the highest quality.  There is a lot of misinformation about nutrition and dieting.  That’s why you have to work hard to discover the truth and to stick with it!

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Put Some Cereals In Your Low Carb Diets

We all hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but when you wake up hungry and drowsy, you don’t want to have to search hard for your food. You want something that’s quick and filling. Eggs are obviously a great choice for low carb dieters, but they can also quickly get old. They also are bothersome to make in the mornings, especially when most of us barely have time to grab our much needed coffee. That’s why cereal has traditionally played such an important role in our breakfast meal options.

Milk can be added to the cereal, or you can eat it by itself especially when you are running out of time.It’s so quick, easy and non-messy that it’s quickly become the most popular breakfast food! Unfortunately, most cereals are made from wheat or other grains which make them unsuitable for a low carb diet.

Some manufacturers have come out with supposedly low carb cereals, but these are usually hardly suitable for any low carb dieter and definitely not for any serious low carb dieter. Additionally, most of these cereals contain wheat and other grains which cause many of the problems that high carbohydrate diets cause. This pretty much lowers them on the options scale. Thus you should keep your eyes peeled for low carb cereals that have no grain content or aren’t made from grains.One way to do that is to check out the list of ingredients since it would indicate whether it has grains or not.

The problem with grains is that they cannot be digested properly by the body. It would take millions of years before grain digestion can be fully adopted by our body. History shows that grains had evolved to keep animals and humans from ingesting them. They do this by basically incorporating toxins into their structure. They contain toxins that are used to ward off humans and animals from eating them in the future. That is why eating raw grains is unheard of. It is dangerous to eat rice when it is uncooked.While cooking the grains thoroughly can break down some of the chemicals in them that cause problems to humans, it doesn’t completely solve the problem. That’s why prolonged ingestion of grains can cause long-lasting damage to your body.

Due to the rarity of low carb cereals, we tend to settle for other breakfast options. One good option is hot cereal. Just with flax meal and milk, you can have a wonderful bowl of porridge. It will only take a few minutes of your time.It’s very filling and has a gruel like consistency that is satisfying.

If hot cereals aren’t your cup of tea, pancakes are another option. If you use coconut flour, you will have low carb pancakes.These can be made in advance, storing the others in the fridge as you enjoy some.Then just microwave and add some sugar free maple syrup for a fulfilling quick breakfast. When you are running late, you can drop a coconut flour muffin into your bag that you can eat later.Cereal may not always be available, but you won’t run out of options for low carb breakfast foods. 

Other Snacks

So what else can we eat?Nuts are common low carb snacks. These healthy snacks are low in carbs. You can have your pick among the many flavors offered, even some in mixed packets. Dried fruits are also often thrown into those mixed packets. As dried fruit and nuts have become more popular so new variety packs have become available. Now you can have all sorts of exotic dried fruits and nuts, such as cashews and brazil nuts. Manufacturers make additional efforts to make these nuts taste even better. Unfortunately, they do this by adding sugar to the mix thereby making them unhealthy. Be extra careful when purchasing nuts. Check that there is no sugar added to it. 

It can be quite tiring to look for healthy low carb snacks. But it’s definitely worth it. You won’t have to cheat your diet and stray.It also helps to keep your energy up and ensure that you’re getting sufficient nutrients. 

Searching for snacks

Despite our desire to be healthy, we can only do so much. It would take an inhuman amount of self-discipline and effort to stay away from those cakes or cookies especially when we are exhausted or feeling stressed out. During those times, I fervently wish there were more low carb alternatives to those brownies and yummy treats. Then my hunger and temptation would cause me to stray from my diet so much. It’s all very well to tell someone that they should just make sure they never get into that situation by always eating throughout the day and carrying food around with them, but it’s simply unrealistic to expect that to happen!

It’s hard to carry any snacks around with you for when you just want something quick to tide the hunger. You can hardly expect food that you’ve prepared for dinner or lunch to easily fit a small pouch or a pocket.The thought of carrying around a spoon and fork to eat them with isn’t at all appealing either. Although low carb dieters can try so many low carb recipes, turning them into low carb snacks produce, at best, awkward and unsatisfactory results.

Snacks have to be ready to eat, no heating required, filling, easy to carry, and not messy. Naturally, they should be tasty. Just because a snack is easy to carry around does not mean it is perfect, especially when the taste is not at all palatable.That explains the scarcity or shortage of low carb snacks.All those criteria have to be met, and it really isn’t easy to do that.

What low carb snacks can you have then?There are of course some low carb snacks. For example, there are vegetables. You can even find ready-to-eat celery sticks in some stores. They are quite easy to be lugging around.Whenever you’re hungry, you can simply bite into one. There isn’t a lot of satisfaction to be had, though, since it is not really very filling.I find myself wanting something else after eating celery sticks.

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Start Cooking

Most low carb recipes use ingredients that one does not normally work with in the kitchen, which is why you should pay close attention to them.For example, a muffin might be made from coconut flour instead of normal flour. Coconut flakes are ground finely until they turn into coconut flour. It’s a low carb equivalent to usual wheat flour. Its  beauty as a substitute is furt

her reinforced by the fact that it is high in both fiber and protein yet low in harmful fats.Unlike wheat flour, however, you have to use a lot of eggs for it to be moist. Therefore, if the recipe calls for more eggs than you think should be in there, follow the recipe the first time around before changing it! There’s probably a good reason for the odd ingredients in the recipe. 

Meats and vegetables are included in low carb recipes (other than desserts, of course).You have a lot of meat options that you can try. Don’t forget that there are a lot of products and derivatives that one animal can provide. The consumption of animal liver, heart, and bone marrow, is actually encouraged in some low carb diets.This adds variety to the dishes you cook as these organs often have very distinctly different tastes. Vegetables also offer a great deal of variety. We often don’t try a great deal of vegetables because they’re not common. Low carb diets encourage variety by introducing many different vegetables in the recipes. I recently discovered bak choy, which is consumed in many Asian cultures. This leafy vegetable is great when stir-fried with some garlic and ginger. 

It is very common in low carb diets to eat more vegetables and meats.Not only that, but they also eat a wider variety of these meats and vegetables. This in turn means that there are a huge number of low carb recipes out there. A single low carb recipe book is bound to present you with many options.It’s so easy, so what are you waiting for? Start cooking! 

Try These Tonight

It never ceases to amaze people when they realize just how much low carb recipes are available for them to try. For them, it is a given that they also have to give up on many types of foods to eat once they take carbohydrates out of the equation.That, however, is not the case.You will find that there is an unlimited supply of low carb recipes virtually everywhere you look.You will be flooded and overwhelmed with low carb recipes even if you simply conduct a keyword search on Google.You can be as specific as you want in your search and you will still find it on Google.If you’re not so savvy with the internet, then you can buy books with plenty of low carb recipes in them. Low carb diets have become so popular that it’s easy nowadays to find good recipes to help you follow the diet.

Naturally you would have to make sure that the recipe is indeed low carb and suits your diet. Low carb diets can vary greatly in what foods are allowed and what are not allowed on the diet. The stricter diets allow only about 20kg carbs in a single day in the early stages of the diet. The Atkins diet is one of these strict diets. Other diets allow a lot more carbs, but you’ll usually lose less weight on those diets. The daily intake could be allowed up to 100 g in a day. In fact, the later stages of the Atkins diet allow that much carbohydrates as well.

All There Is To Know About The Low Carb Diet

People frequently seek opinions and recommendations regarding low carb diets.It is quite simple, really.Just avoid sugar, desserts, breads and potatoes.If you get rid of these four items, you are well on your way to where you want to be.Desserts are particularly difficult for people to let go of.They play such an integral part of our lives, but it’s important to remember that there are low carb desserts out there!You don’t have to abstain from desserts altogether.Many websites list detailed recipes for low carb desserts.Of course, some of these desserts contain fewer carbs than others.

Those who are aiming for weight loss should be particularly vigilant when it comes to their calorie intake.Many people on the low carb diet fall into the trap of eating too many fatty foods when they are trying to lose weight.Reducing the amount of calories you take in will reinforce and speed up your weight loss.So don’t eat too much bacon!

It is but natural for me to consume lesser carbs the moment I go on a low carb diet.I typically get an omelet or fried egg.Condiments such as soy sauce, hot sauce or salt could also be added.They effectively add flavor to what are normally bland eggs.For lunch, a salad is good to get some more vegetables.In order to fill you up longer, you can add some protein into it.Salmon, tuna, and eggs are great protein items to add in.Since most salad dressings have a lot of carbohydrate content, you could opt for Caesar dressing, olive oil and vinegar as a low carb option.

Have the perfect and healthy dinner by having grilled salmon, roast beef, and some low carb spaghetti and meatballs!If you have room left, you can even whip up some low carb cookies for dessert!As you can see, eating low carb is not a difficult task!All your meals of the day come with a lot of choices that you can pick from.I only gave you a few suggestions for meal plans.There are still a whole lot more possibilities out there that you can explore!

The Advent Of Low Carb Breakfast Cereal

Dieting had been made easier by the large range of products available to buy in shops or online these days, but it requires a lot of vigilance of make sure they are actually good for you.  Part of the problem is that people are in the business to make money.  They are not worried about your well being.  In fact, it is many of the smaller food manufacturers that cater more to your health.  That’s why it is often good to buy from smaller boutique food manufacturers.

With many commercial kitchens springing up, individuals with a vision for better quality food can start their own business.  It’s a very difficult path to take, but many people are dedicated to creating great tasting and healthy products.  I am thankful for those people!  Their efforts mean that you can eat well without making any efforts!

Low carb foods are always difficult to make.  You can’t use many of the traditional ingredients like sugar and wheat, which are cheap and easy to buy.  Instead, low carb foods have to be made from expensive ingredients such as coconut flour and flax meal.  These ingredients are often expensive because they are not government subsidized and are not in huge demand.  Unfortunately, this translates into higher costs for good quality foods.  Despite this expense, your health is worth the extra costs!  Spending a few extra dollars on what you eat not only guarantees a more tasty meal, but could also add years to your life, not to mention give you a better quality of life.

Low Carb Breakfast Cereal

Low Carb Breakfast Cereal